June 17, 2019

Abstract means something which cannot be defined. It relies on visual language, color, a line to create the basic texture of design. The painter or an artist implements his thoughts and imaginations on the canvas in the form of abstract art.

What is Abstract Art?

It is a nonaligned form of conventional thoughts represented by paintings.  This style of painting is non-figurative that uses abstract elements such as shape, form, color, and design to depict painting & sculpture. Abstract art is categorized into three broad forms

Cubism- It involves geometric planes and shapes to represent an artist’s inspiration. Broadly considered a revolutionary style of modern art, it called cubism because the artwork looks like it made out of cubes or other geometrical shapes.

Neo-Plasticism- A movement of art in itself neo-plasticism was created by a Dutch painter to represents art which is closely tied to personal believes of an artist.

Abstract Expressionism- Produced by Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko & William De Kooning in 1940-50s abstract expressionism focused on emotions, nature and universal themes.

Theory of Expensiveness

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see; it’s a form of freedom which no one owns. Many artists never sell their artwork; they may donate it for free but never sell it to someone who doesn’t understand the emotions behind the art. Frankly, it’s very difficult as well to convince artists to auction their artwork, for them every piece of art they have created is like their child. Hours of thought process, years of inspiration, in-depth observation and a magical skill of etching the feeling through colors on a canvas makes a human an artist. 
Abstract art requires a lot of patience; every art is a masterpiece in itself which may take hours, weeks, or even years to get sketched over the canvas. However, only time and inspiration is not just the only reason behind the expensiveness of such artworks; in this digital work, professional abstract art artists are even vanishing with time.
Exclusivity is another reason which makes abstract arts expensive as each art piece is unique and original, so it comes with a premium price

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