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Anshuman Singh

Founder and CEO  |  Connect

Paul Adams is...

No one. Anyone. All of us.

We are a team of storytellers, artists, creators, perfectionists, crafters, planners, leaders, designers, conversationalists... everything it takes to create a mesmerizing masterpiece. This team has been woven together with the idea of celebrating exceptional art and enriching everyones lives by taking it off the walls and making it travel the world, freely, with you. And with the belief that it will add to the story of your life, everyday.

If you need to reach out to anyone of us with a question or feedback, just drop in a message here and mention our name. We will be happy to hear back from you.

Vivek Bhalla

Executive Board Member  |  Connect on LinkedIn


Rameez Momin

Mentor  - Strategic Advisor |  Connect on LinkedIn

Shima Khan

Regional Director Marketing (Middle East)  |  Connect via email


Partha Protim Changmai

Lead Designer  |  Connect for Art Alliances

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