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“To be creative, leave your logic aside.”

Ciby Samuel Hand Painted Original Art on Canvas - Paul Adams World

Ciby Samuel is a talented young artist at Paul Adams who focuses on Portraiture and by stretching it towards abstraction, creates wonders on his canvas. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Ciby was always fascinated by paintings and portraits. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather, he joined Sir J.J School of Art in Mumbai. Working hard on developing his unique style of art by drawing inspirations from his academic life, he graduated from the school with his Masters in Portraiture. He now works as a full-time freelance artist experimenting across media and styles.

He derives inspiration from his memory of churches and monks as a child and pours them onto the canvas seen through an abstract lens. His paintings skillfully depict the fear, uncertainty, curiosity, and admiration of a child attending the Sunday mass or listening to sermons. His spontaneous approach and intense passion for his subject shine through the backdrop of his past. Besides art, Ciby is passionate about music and enjoys playing western music on his guitar.

He has gathered a myriad of accolades to his name since a young age, winning national level competitions and being featured in galleries and exhibitions. He was awarded Sarladevi Damani Award, J. R Mistry Memorial Award for Outstanding Entry, M/S Kokuyo Camlin ltd Award for Best Work and Mr. Prafullrai D. C. Patel Award by Smt. Usha Patel for Best Work by Art Society, Mumbai In 2016. He has hosted independent exhibitions at Group Exhibition Artist’s Centre (Kala Ghoda, 2019), Jehangir Art Gallery (Mumbai, 2015) and Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery (Mumbai, 2016) along with being featured in various group exhibitions around the country. In 2019, he was selected by Lalit Kala Akademi (New Delhi) in a National competition.Ciby Samuel Bastraction Art Bag Collection - Paul Adams World

Ciby has also been actively participating in several art projects across India including a mural for Indian Navy and Indian Railways, and paintings for Opera House, Mumbai. He plans to keep experimenting with his art style and subject matters in the future. At Paul Adams, he is continuing to expand his horizons by finding exploring new elements to create abstractions with - such as the Apollo Backpack.



Apollo Backpacks Designed with an Abstraction Art - paul adams

Apollo Backpack

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