Nisha Sutar

Nisha Sutar Hand Painted  Folk Art, Post Modernism & Art Nouveau Artist -  Paul Adams

“The power of nature is such that it’s what all art strives to be. The more we can get in tune with the harmony of the planet, the more our art can benefit from that relationship”

Rick Rubin

Nisha Sutar Oil on Canvas Art - Paul Adams World

Nisha combines her strong background in Indian Rangoli designs and classical paintings with a diverse academic and practical knowledge of Traditional Art to create her expressions on canvas.

Inspired by her father’s artistic interests, she was persuaded by her elder sisters to choose a career in painting. She entered S.N.D.T. College in the year 2008, where she acquired Higher Secondary Certificate in drawing as a special subject. Later she was granted an Art Teacher Diploma (2008-2010), BFA in Arts (2011- 2015), and a Diploma in Art Education (2015-2016) at Sir JJ school Of Arts. The core of her approach to art has not really changed since its inception in her early years as she has been teaching at the Vasai Vikasini Visual Art College for 4 years. Incidentally, she does not exhibit her art pieces anywhere but her home.Nisha Sutar Woodcut on Paper Art - paul adams

Nisha uses a unique design structure and brighter than life colors, she blends symbolism with traditional realism, creating exceptional illustrations and art forms. For her capturing the beauty of undercelebrated life forms - chameleons, scorpions, snakes and expressing those impressions in oil paint is a desired joy.

While nature provides a source of endless inspiration, she is also inspired by the work of talented artists - Paul Klee, a Swiss born Expressionist and H.S. Raza, an Indian painter who works mainly in abstracts.



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