Sanjoy Majumder

Sanjoy Majumder Hand Painted -  Paul Adams

“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness”

Anni Albers

Art is spirituality. Art is cosmic. Art is life. The abstract form of art is what Sanjoy Majumder believes in. This prolific artist was born in Kolkata and subsequently moved to Mumbai where he graduated in Microbiology. But his roots and creative instincts were calling, and he returned to Kolkata to give direction and form to his creativity.

Sanjoy is literally a born artist, since his earliest memories of art take him to a time before he learned his alphabet. His grandma was his first teacher, and the various clay toys he made under her guidance were his first triumphs. His extremely talented teachers in both Kolkata and Mumbai honed his skills. He represented his college in several art competitions and his trophies multiplied by the day. With time, his flair grew and so did the windows of his soul. The spiritual aspect in Sanjoy’s personality makes him inclined to work on the divine form. The iconography of each Hindu deity has a magical manifestation. The artist believes that the Almighty is infinite and cannot be limited by a number. The formless deity has been represented in his own inimitable style – Lord Shiva is power and benevolence in Sanjoy’s art.

Paul Adams is delighted to have Sanjoy Majumdar on board. His art is like a metaphor for all things mystic and his brush is dipped in colors, expression and devotion. For an art lover, it is the opportunity to own his exquisite pieces of art and make them a part of everyday life.


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