Shinali Jain

Shinali Jain Paul Adams Artist

My paintings are a representation of a stranger world. I enact my emotions and sensations with the help of colors.


Shinali Jai Evening Melancholy Acrylic Paints on Paper - Paul Adams

I have an inner necessity to experiment with colors and forms. I paint to discover my inner self untouched by the world; it’s a journey to the deeper realms of my subconscious mind.

Shinali is a passionate artist despite of any formal education in the field of art and is creating wonders through her work.

Born in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, Shinali pursued her education in journalism and Mass communication. After pursuing her career in the corporate sector, she decided to quit and practice full time art, though it came to her unknowingly. Being a self-taught artist, creating art was never her first choice, but the vibrancy of colors and forms always made her mind tickle.
She was always interested in creating her own visual language through which she could communicate her emotions, and had always felt an urge to express herself through colors.


Shinali Jain Decay Acrylic Paints on Paper - Paul Adams World

Shinali draws her inspiration from nature, as it has always played a major role in the understanding of colors and forms. She feels a sense of stimulation in seeing colors blending and merging in nature - and  the surreal harmony which exists only in the eyes of the beholder.
Her technique of painting is to lose all control to gain control. Using abstraction as the vantage point of her exploration.


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