Vinit Kumar

Paul Adams Artist Vinit Kumar

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Thomas Merton

Vinit Kumar Trees Oil Paints  on Canvas - Paul Adams

Vinit Kumar is one of the most talented veteran artists here at Paul Adams who took his childhood passion for painting and ran with it. Born in the city of Nagpur (Maharashtra), Vinit was captivated by nature and the beauty in the wilderness. He moved to Mumbai to pursue an education in art and graduated with an ATD from Sir J.J School of Art, Mumbai in 2000. He later went back to the school and finished his BFA (2005) and MFA (2013) honing his skill over the years. Going against the tide, Vinit followed his passion, becoming the only artist in his family inspiring others to follow theirs.

His art style has evolved over the years gradually moving towards abstract art where he interprets different aspects of life through his prime subject matter, the tree. He considers the tree to be his muse and derives most of his inspiration from them. He has been working on this subject matter for 20 years constantly evolving his style and incorporating a wide range of colors. He has developed his unique style of painting with oil and watercolors which are also his favorite media to work with. He sums up his work as a confluence of color and texture. A harmonious application of intense complementary colors, applied in layers lends his artwork the texture and weight only seen in nature. Besides painting, Vinit is an avid reader and thoroughly enjoys Marathi literature.

Vinit Kumar Hand Painted Trees Oil Paints on Canvas - Paul Adams

Although he has refrained from participating in competitions, he has left a mark in the community through his work over the years nonetheless. He proudly boasts of having even his unsigned work identified at exhibitions. He has also worked on various national projects. He has held several independent exhibitions at reputed galleries such as Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai among others. He was awarded the coveted Solomon Award for painting at his alma mater Sir J.J School of Arts. At Paul Adams, he continues to develop his unique art style and experiment with the abstraction of his subject matter – an example of which is the Rafa portfolio bag.


Rafa Document Case Designed with Abstraction Art by Vinit Kumar - Paul Adams World

Rafa Portfolio Bag

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