The art on all products is created individually by trained artists in a limited quantity, ensuring that your product remains one-of-a-kind. There is no machine or print based replication of any art - it is just the artist and their tools. Moreover, Paul Adams has an agreement with each artist that ensures authenticity and copyrights to the painting including its replication rights. 

Every product is also accompanied by a Letter of Authentication that assures the customer of the originality of the product. It also carries an introduction to the type of art and the artist.

At Paul Adams, it is our priority to maintain the uniqueness of our products. Each bag is a masterpiece crafted by hand over the course of a week. Apart from ensuring consistency in the art over time, we also limit the production per design ensure that you are one of the select few to own any of our unique art pieces.

Napa Leather is a type of top grain leather that is has been treated to result in a soft, plush and smooth finish. It is preferably made from the hides of cows. Napa is regarded as a high quality leather usually used for making bags, gloves or clothing.

Textured Full-Grain Leather is also a premium leather that retains its natural finish and is run under a texture press machine, that gives the leather an uneven feel. This treatment adds a dimension to the bags.

Do remember, all leather used at Paul Adams is ethically sourced which means we ensure that the animal was treated with dignity and was not butchered for its skin. We work with select Leather manufacturers in India to ensure that this promise is never broken.

We provide a specialised canvas for the art to be painted on to ensure it’s longevity. Once the artwork has been painted, the canvas goes through several treatments to make it waterproof, sand proof and protected from UV radiation. This allows our customers to use their bags freely without worrying about fading or water damage.

Paul Adams offers free shipping to our clients in over 70 countries worldwide. Please click here to view a list of all the countries you can get our products shipped to.

Customers can write to us at info@pauladamsworld.com or call us on +91 844 844 9862 for any after-sales assistance required. If need be, the customers will be requested to drop the bags to the nearest store or courier company office who will send the bag to us for repair. All elements covered under warranty are repaired free of charge and for the ones not covered under warranty, repair charges may apply.

Paul Adams has ties with multiple established and young artists. We host a monthly camp for these artists where they come together and give birth to exciting new ideas and original artworks for the upcoming edition of products. They are then sent to the factory where they are treated for water and UV protection. The canvas with the original, hand-painted art is then stitched with utmost care to the leather which is ethically sourced. And thus, your product is born. We, at Paul Adams, pride ourselves for the thought and care that we put into each of our products.

Your product is equipped with water and UV protection and has a posh Mattie lining inside. In case it gets wet, all you need to do is wipe the water off with nylon cloth, or use a hairdryer to dry the lining, or just let the sun work its magic!

Maintaining the leather is quite a simple task. Use any leather wax polish to wipe the leather portion of your bag and let it dry. Clean it with a cotton cloth and you are good to go! Just make sure you don’t use the polish on the artwork or scratch your bag.

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