Sujiet Podar

Sujiet podar Hand Painted -  Paul Adams

“Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.”

Leo Tolstoy

A prolific artist and music lover. Sujit Podar brings a whole new dimension to the canvas. His art is rooted in the soil and reflects the transparency of the man and his vision. A native of Jharkhand, Sujit graduated in the Fine Arts from Patna University and subsequently moved to Mumbai in search of bigger challenges and opportunities. His formative years as a wedding photographer in the heartland of India was a learning experience for him in more ways than one. The music band ( commonly called the ‘baja’) accompanying the barati or groom’s family brought him up close with how music and musical instruments influenced our lives and celebrations. His passion for music still manifests in his paintings and gives his brush a unique character. Sujit has won awards and accolades galore, and has held a solo show in the prestigious Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai besides a host of exhibitions in different parts of India and global destinations. His paintings are suffused with bright, rustic hues and are often done in the miniature ‘Patna Kalam’ style of painting. In his paintings, he has revisited the time when recording technology came to India and changed the complexion of music. Earlier music was the exclusive privilege of kings and singers only performed at royal courts. According to Sujit, it was the gramophone and LP records that made it possible to record these performances for posterity and took music to everyday homes and lives. These old vinyl records are the centerpiece of his art and a tribute to the conservation of musical treasures. There is melody and harmony in his visual imagery, and that clearly stems from his passion for storytelling.

At Paul Adams, this talented powerhouse exhibits the ability to explore different terrain, travel across different time zones and tell different stories through his creations. His art is not just a feast for the senses, but also music to the ears.


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