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  •  How do you ensure that the art used is original and who is the artist?

Paul Adams alongwith the products also provides a brand letter which introduces the customer to the type of art, artist and details of the bag which is in turn is also the certificate of Genuinity. The letter is signed by the founder himself. 

  •  How does the company works, how many artists you have and what is the turnaround time of delivery of any product?

PaulAdams has more than 30 artists in its panel across the globe and they are all renowned artists. All these artists are called for a monthly camp where they have to come up with exciting new and original artworks basis the bag designs shared with them. These artworks then become copyright to Paul Adams and the artists are duly paid for their job. The original artworks are then send to factory where they are treated with Ultraviolet and Water protection. The canvas with original artwork is then stitched with great care on genuine leather. Just to mention all the bags are individually handcrafted.

  • Where all is the brand available?

PaulAdams is available in various stores across Dubai and Madrid market and soon will be available in India market as well.

  •  Is the product same across all markets?

Yes the product is same across all markets. It’s all original art on genuine leather. 

  • Is the cost of product across all markets same?

 Yes the MRP is same except shipping which may vary country to country.


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