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  •  Where all is the brand available?

PaulAdams has been launched in India on an online platform and is also available internationally on Amazon.com and Ebay.uk.


  •  Is the product on international online platform same as of India?

No. The product sold on international platform is different as it has the original hand painted canvas fixed on the bag and the bag is made of genuine leather.


  • Is the cost of product in India and International same?

 No. Cost of International product is way higher because of original artwork and leather.


  •  Can customers from India buy the international range?

Yes. All international products are displayed on PaulAdams website in exquisite range . Anyone can buy the products across the globe.


  •  If the canvas on International products are hand painted, then what is the media used on products in India?

PaulAdams get the original work done by artists which is scanned and converted to digital. The same digital print is then taken on canvas and used on bags. This gives all products a feel  of actual artwork. This is the reason why PaulAdams products in India are so affordable. Just to mention they are affordable but not cheap. The product making and dimension meets the highest quality standards and provides a rich class apart consumer experience.

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