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PaulAdams represents the New You!

It’s not just about a genuine product (fashion bags) but it’s about YOU, it’s about the Stylish You, the Bold You, the Adventurous You, the Elegant You.

About Us!

Influential, Innovative and Progressive. PaulAdams is re-inventing the modern approach to fashion. The brand`s mission is to redefine the fashion trend of 21st century by introducing original abstract art forms in its products (fashion bags). Thus, making the product not just a product but an artifact. PaulAdams is a unit of Paheli Fashions Pvt Ltd established in early 2017.

How we work!

Product team of PaulAdams has tied-up with various artists across the Globe, who develop abstract arts basis themes. These artists are called upon for a monthly camp where they are given specific themes to work on. Each artist has three days in the camp to come up with atleast two designs. The designs are all drawn on canvas. These art forms are thereafter scanned and digital prints taken on canvas which is further used on bags. Sometimes the original canvas itself is used directly on bags. Such collection falls under exquisite category within the brand. The arts made by the artists falls under a contract between both parties and become copyright work of PaulAdams. The artists are duly paid for their work.

Welcome to the world of PaulAdams and be mesmerized.

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