Anna Kurian

Anna Kurian Is An Abstraction Art Artist by Paul Adams

"Look at art not as an investment but as a thing of beauty that stands for someone’s truth.”

Anna Kurian Hand Painted Abstraction Art b

Anna Kurian is an accomplished artist who, despite having no formal training, creates wonders. Born in Kottayam (Kerala), Anna is an army kid who's travelled the length and breadth of the nation. She initially made a career for herself in the corporate world. Over the years, she transitioned into painting while taking care of her 2 beautiful children. Her hobby became a passion,  and she has been evolving as an artists for over seven years now. A lot of her work has been celebrated across events and shows.

Anna has focussed on the bull as a signature subject in most of her art. It is a symbol of power, energy, and aggression in her works whether she paints a satire of society or digs deep into human behavior. Her art style has been heavily influenced by artist Sunil Das and has been slowly progressing towards abstractions in her style. She tends to draw inspiration from her environment and paint spontaneously. Her preferred medium of painting is oil, acrylic, and charcoal but she also wants to gather more experience with watercolors.

She has participated in various art competitions over the years and had her first independent exhibition in 2015 at Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Anna Kurian Handcraft Abstraction Art Bag Collection by Paul Adams WorldGallery. She believes that this is the start of a new life for her and plans to keep evolving her art through the years to come. She wishes to inspire her two daughters to follow their heart’s desire no matter where life takes them and to stay true to themselves. At Paul Adams, she maintains her brilliant portrayal of bulls as a symbol of strength the first which is the bull fight portrayed on the Rocco Laptop bag.



Anna Kurian Rocco Laptop Bag with Abstraction Art by Paul Adams Paul Adams

Rocco Laptop Bag

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