Vaishali Tatyaram

Paul Adams Artist Vaishali Tatyaram

Painting is not about colors and techniques but a twilight zone which bridges the gap between what is visible and what lies beyond the obvious.

Vaishali Tatyaram Comfort Etching Paints on Canvas- Paul Adams

Our innovative artist Vaishali Tatyaram has practiced to capture emotions and experiences in her work. She expresses her ideas and subject matter using the spirit of nature as a theme, and her mastery of technique is evident in the painterly feel of her prints.

Born in Nasik, Vaishali has completed her BFA from Government School of Art (2016) and Masters in Printmaking from Sir JJ School of Art (2019). She has also received her Diploma in 3D Animation from Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Nagpur.Vaishali Tatyaram Mother and Child Acrylic Paints on Canvas - Paul Adams World

Vaishali in her work mainly touches on the aspects of Mother & child relationships, Women, and shells. Her charged human forms constantly refer to various aspects of a woman's experience within a larger relationship network. Like other traditional print makers her work relies on monochromatic quality that is inherent in this medium.



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